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Poland Study Abroad Program

Poland Study Abroad Program -Poland might not be the first choice among Indian students for higher studies. However, for international learners who do not belong to the European Union, study overseas in Poland can mark a fascinating beginning of discovering Europe.

Why study In Poland

The Polish government follows a stringent policy to monitor the equality of curriculum and education. The administration also conducts regular evaluations. Presently, the government offers about 5000 different courses. The Accreditation Committee gives accreditation to each of the courses before every session. Search for Study in Poland Consultants for best suggestions. The government of Poland has the vision to empower its learners with all necessary and important skills. The professors aim at helping their students right from the beginning to the completion of the course. The universities in Poland gift a culturally refined ambiance. Also, the campuses are a melting pot of various cultures, which makes Abroad Study in Poland a good choice for higher studies.

Time duration

If you want to go to Poland Study Abroad Programs, then the time period of different courses would depend on what the students wish to study. For example:

  • The time period of an undergraduate degree would take about 3-4 years.
  • For a post-graduate degree, it would take about 1-2 years of time.

All degree courses in Poland have international recognition.

Arranging Funds

Comparing to the other nations of the European Union, the cost of studying in Poland is less. We have seen that the accommodation in Poland is relatively cheap, as well. For its international students, the government offers educational loans, as well. Many of our students have also Study in Poland With Scholarships. However, the provisions of such scholarships stay within the limits of the terms of bilateral agreements. Either the Polish government or the government of the foreign partner finances the scholarship programs. Such scholarships are available for some specific fields of study only.

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