Abroad Study in Cyprus 

Abroad Study in Cyprus- Cyprus is one of the most favored destinations for academic persuasion for Indian students. The number of Indian students in Cyprus universities has witnessed a sharp rise in the last few years. Three public and six private universities are located in Cyprus and are renowned for world-class education, cosmopolitan society, and post-academic job opportunities. Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation, under the supervision of the Cyprus government, formulates and monitors higher education policy. The education cost is affordable if you want to study in Cyprus with scholarship. .

Array of courses

This country offers free education to its own and EU students. So if you are planning to Abroad Study in Cyprus, you can join the desired universities that are located in Cyprus. Apart from public universities, there are many private universities that strictly follow the protocols set by the government. Study overseas Cyprus courses encompass wide subjects such as:

  • Agriculture.
  • Finance.
  • Tourism.
  • Accounting.
  • Computer Science.
  • Architecture.
  • Engineering.
  • Psychology.
Reaching us

At IE Abroad Education Consultancy, we strive to make ourselves the Best Cyprus Education Consultants in Udaipur, India. We can cater our services as per the unique needs of each one visiting us. However, we offer a comprehensive solution to Study OverseasCyprus. Our services range right from counseling and training to post-arrival assistance. Our company website tells more about what we can do for all.

World-class education

Study in Cyprus Cyprus lawmakers encourage quality education and provide protection to international students. Various Cyprus Study Abroad Programs allow you to undertake part-time jobs that, to extend, cover the educational cost and give exposure to native culture and people.

Cyprus Awards Scholarship

We are one of the Best Cyprus Education Consultants in Udaipur, India, who helps you to choose the most suitable degree from a diverse study field. We also help you with government sponsor scholarship grant under the Cyprus Scholarship for bachelor`s, master or Ph.D. curriculum that covers 50% of total tuition fees. There are universities that support scholarships to international students for undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

Visa application

We facilitate the student visa application as we have profound knowledge of documentation and procedure as one of the best Study in Cyprus Consultants. The procedure of granting a student visa usually takes around a month.

Necessary information

For detailed information about universities, courses, and fees, contact us at IE Abroad Education Consultancy.

You can register for almost any course with us. The IE abroad education consultancy is here to help you with all your queries regarding studying abroad.

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