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Abroad Study in Italy

Gone are the days when Italy used to own the identity of being the land of mafia and drug dealers. Over the past few years, this beautiful European nation has transformed itself successfully into a potential education hub. The aspirants to Study in Italy from all over the world are known to make a beeline for seeking prospective academic programs that the country has on offer.

Wide Options to Choose

Apart from its capital city Rome, other major cities in Italy where overseas students flock in multitude are Taormina, Venice, Milan, Florence, Bologna, and Siena. All these cities offer wide options for pursuing academic courses of repute. However, Rome has emerged as one of the most sought-after global cities to study Italian culture, its history as well as Modern Business. Your next choice can be Florence, a dynamic city with rich historical, cultural, and architectural flavor. With its wide selection on offer, we guarantee that Italy Study Abroad Programs and courses will never disappoint you.

Requirements to Abroad Study in Italy

Your dream of Abroad Study in Italy can be a reality if you move strategically. Unlike the USA, where students are offered Fall Intake, Summer Intake, and Winter Intake, Italy offers one intake yearly. It starts in mid-April and closes in mid-May. We are specialized in offering professional care for the processing of applications and documentation. Study Overseas Italy application requirement includes your document identification. Documents that you need to produce are your birth certificate, your passport, and your Social Security Number. The processing of documentation requires the submission of your academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and your resume.

Study in Italy with a Scholarship

The positive aspect of courses and programs in Italy is that most of the universities offer the prospect of Study in Italy With Scholarships to overseas students. If you want your academic program in Italy consolidated with a scholarship, we, as Study in Italy Consultants, have a wide range of tailor-made solutions for you. As one of the Best Italy Education Consultants in Udaipur, India, we help you to reach your study destination quite smoothly.

You can register for almost any course with us. The IE abroad education consultancy is here to help you with all your queries regarding studying abroad.

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